DIY Top 10 Tips to Stay Healthy- As they say “Health is Wealth”

 Top 10 Tips to Stay Healthy

As they say “Health is Wealth” and it’s quite true too. With good health and mind you can achieve anything you want. So, weather you are a celebrity or a mango man or woman, kid or aged , teen or middle aged, health is everything for each of us. Little unawareness or carelessness cause many health issues (might be physical or mental issues).

I am a Health Freak #GuiltyatCharge

Yup, I am Health Freak myself (*since my childhood).  I Have studied medical science till my 12th grade and have done Diploma in Ayurveda. ( That’s why I am always curious to learn new information about health) And I’m always keen to share whatever I have learned, experienced and implemented in my own life, with you all. Today, I am going to share top 10 tips to stay healthy. I myself have experienced high and lows in my health, and reasons are same as with everybody else, i.e. lack of knowledge and carelessness.

Many people are not much aware of their health and the whole body system or they might be busy in doing something they find more important than their health. But what so ever the reason is, we all should know that nothing is more important than our health. Before it’s too late let’s start taking some safety measure towards our body and mind. In this post, I have listed 10 Tips for everyday life which will keep you healthy and will make a huge improvement in your body and mind.

Top 10 Tips to Stay Healthy

  1. Make Your Time Table:

    Manage all of your time properly so that you could be able to have time for all things you wanna do in a day. Trust me, it will make your life easier and stress-free. 

  2. Have Food on Time:

    Of course, we all know that… but most of us escape our lunch or breakfast or dinner every now and then. Which is not good for our body in the long run. So, from now onward don’t skip your meals.

  3. Have Healthy Diet:

    Have healthy food, plan your meal according to your body type. Iinclude Vegetables and Fresh Fruit Juices in your diet plan so that your body gets all the needed nutrients that it needs to keep you Healthy.

  4. Have Full Rest at Night

    It’s very-very important to sleep well in the night(Sleep for 6 hour) to be fresh in the following day (so that you don’t feel lethargic or lazy in the day).

  5. Try to Do the Creative Art Work You Love or Ever Wanted to Do: Weather it’s sketching, painting, dancing, singing, writing, photography etc. It will make you happy and satisfied.
  6. Try to Make some Time for Your Family and Friends:

    Trust me it could help you to reduce your stress and it will also help you to improve your relationship with them.

  7. Always go for Vacations for Reviving Your Body, Mind and Souls:

    I am not saying to go far or fly to another Country; just go where ever you want to or wherever is most convenient for you.

  8. Do Yoga & Meditation or Do any Form of Exercises that suits you :

    Do yoga and meditation regularly. If you are into running, do that. If you love dancing do that. If you love Pilates go for it. If you love any other form of exercises just go for them. No matter what you chose all form of exercises will help you to make your life more Peaceful and Healthy.

  9. Do Some Charity Work Often:

    Give whatever you can to your friends, family or anybody who needs your help in anyway. Even you can donate anything which you own and you never use it. It could be anything like clothes, toys, books etc. Help people in whatever way you can. Trust me, it will mentally satisfy you and you will feel way happier!

  10. Live Each Moment of Your Life:

    Everyday of life comes with a lesson to learn from, just be ready to learn, feel contended and work hard to make your dreams come true. Don’t think of the past or future too much. Just focus on the present day and enjoy each moment of the day.

These above tips will help you to sort of manage your life and will help you to achieve your health goals. These tips have helped me to transform my life in positive way.
To conclude,  LIFE is a Work in Progress and each day is a new chance to make it better than yesterday. So, just try to make some changes in your life each and everyday to make it more beautiful and healthy for you as well for people around you.

If you have any tips please free to share in the comment section below.
Stay Happy Stay Healthy!