The Sibling Trip

Your Sibling is someone who knows how to get on your nerves, (coz’ they knows you inside and out) but still loves you more than anything else and will be always there for you no matter what.  As a kid, you spend so much time with your siblings (at home, at school and on every single family vacation) and sometimes you wish to stay away from them for a while, we’ve all been there  😉 right? But as you grow up and everyone gets so busy in their own monotonous lives,  you gradually grow apart from each other and eventually start missing each other. And a sibling trip is actually a perfect idea to hang out, and to revive your relationship with your sibs. It is the perfect way to experience the world together and to spend quality time together.

The Sibling Trip to Coimbatore, Coonoor  and Ooty 

Taking a trip with my siblings was always on my bucket list. In fact, South India was on the top of that list. In 2016, I got a chance to visit my younger sister who was then working in Bangalore. I flew down from Thailand to Bangalore for 10 days. We both planned our trip with the help of her friends and google 😉 of curse. I spent 2-3 days in Bangalore with her and then we booked our hotels and bus tickets through We first went to Coimbatore, from there we went to  Coonoor and then Ooty . When we came back we had 3-4  days to  explore Bangalore city (which we did).  During this whole trip we only had South Indian food,  be it dinner breakfast or lunch except for the brunch we had at Hotel in Coonoor. And every single meal we had  was freakin’ delicious including the Momos and Masala Corns we had near by Ooty Lake. Here are few of pics from our sibling trip:

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Places we Visitd

  • Coimbatore Market
  • Perur Pateeswarar Temple-Coimbatore
  • Brookfield Mall-Coimbatore
  • High Field Tea Estate-Coonoor
  • Sim’s Park -Coonoor
  • Ooty Market
  • Ooty Lake
  • Government Botanical Gardens- Ooty
  • Government Rose Garden- Ooty
  • Stone House (a Government Museum)-  Ooty

How to Plan a Sibling Trip?

Now that you have decided to go on sibling trip, choose a destination depending on the kind of things you’d like to do together and that reflects your relationship. You can pick a place that you both have on your bucket list. Once you’ve agreed on your destination, the next step is to plan and organize everything from your budget to hotel booking, from way of commute to all other expenses you gonna have. Then work out your must-do list (prior to your Vacay Time) coz’ it will save your time when you will be actually on Vacay. Add everything you want to do and see to your itinerary list.  Go through your  itinerary together prior to your travel date to make sure everything is okay.

Tips for Sibling Trip

The kind of love sibling has for each other surpasses all other loves. However, no matter how well you get along and how well you know your sibling, there are still a few things you should do to just make sure that everything goes smoothly during the trip.  Here are few tips that might help you to make The Sibling Trip Memorable:

  • Compromise when you guys are interested in different things coz sometimes letting someone else choose may lead you to discover something fantastic that you wouldn’t have chosen yourself. It happened with us when we chose to take Taxi instead of Train from Coonoor to Ooty( My sister wanted to go by train but as we reached at the train station there was too much crowd and then we decided to drop that idea). We got to see a beautiful Tea Garden and had fresh Masla Tea on the way. If we hadn’t chosen taxi, we would have missed all of this.
  • Travelling with your sibling can be like travelling with a small child as you have to put up with all her wishes and needs. So just  go out of your comfort zone If needed.
  • If something doesn’t go the way you guys wanted it,  just work around it.
  • Take the time to rest and stretch your legs coz sometimes you can get carried away with your travel list.
  • Chose your meals alternatively that way you both will have chance to eat what you want.
  • Respect differences coz’ you guys will not have the same energy levels or would not like to do the same things. So, you just have to respect each-other.
  • Keep your sense of humor live as it will make your trip more fun and awesome.
  • Don’t take everything too seriously especially tiffs and blow-ups that you guys will surely have. We had quite a few of them 😉

Even though, we  fight, annoy hell out of each other but then few minutes later we will be like two peas in a pod that’s the kind of relation we share.

  • Give each other space when someone needs it.
  • When all is said and done, apologize whenever you are wrong.  So, just try not to hold grudges coz bad mood of one person can ruin the entire trip.  So, just avoid that instead laugh at yourself and each-other,  unleash your inner goofy self and have fun.

Final Verdict

Travelling with siblings isn’t always fun and can be bit taxing but if you guys get along well and are ready to plan it together. Then, it surely will be one of the best trips of your life.   Sibling Trip will allow you the time to really appreciate one another; to make few more beautiful memories  together; and to build a stronger relationship. So, Never miss an opportunity to travel with your siblings!!

Please share your sibling trip’s experiences in the comment section.

Stay Happy Stay Healthy! <3  🙂