DIY Skin Whitening Magical Formula to Cure Suntan and Discoloration 

DIY Skin Whitening Magical Formula

Hi Everyone!

It’s Day 21 of Blog Marathon and I’m back with yet another DIY blog post!
Some of you might already know that I live in a tropical country and getting suntan is quite obvious. I personally don’t mind getting tanned but I don’t like uneven tan. So, to get rid of such uneven tan or discoloration I often follow few steps, which I am gonna share with you all in this post. So, let’s get started!

1st Step- Skin Whitening Scrub

Take 1 tsp of Honey, 1-2 tsp of  Orange Juice and 1 tbsp of Sugar. Mix them well together and with the help of lemon wedge scrub this mixture on to your tanned skin (face, hands feet). Scrub it for a minute and then clean it with the help of tissue or cotton. You can also add olive oil


Honey is naturally antibacterial, so it’s great for acne treatment and prevention. It’s full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down aging. It is extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a glowOrange juice works effectively for shrinking the open pores. It helps in closing the enlarged pores and giving a shining glow to your face. Orange is rich in citric acid, which is very helpful in drying away acne. Sugar is an excellent gentle Exfoliant. It works well to slough off those dead skin cells and reveal healthy glowing skin. Sugar is natural Humectant, applying sugar scrub to your skin helps hydrate and keep the moisture in the skin. It also help with sun damage and aging skin.

Sugar scrub can also be a secret weapon against ingrown hairs. It discourages ingrown hairs and bumps. By using a scrub once or twice a week (depending on skin type) on the areas where ingrown hairs appear, you allow the hairs to protrude high above the skin and get a smoother closer shave and this prevents the hairs from curling up under the skin.

2nd Step- Skin Whitening Mask

Now for the whitening mask take 3-5 tsp of Rice Flour, 2-3 tbsp Shea Butter and 2 tbsp Orange Juice and mix all them together in bowl (quantity may differ according to the areas you wanna cover). You can also add few drops of Hydrogen peroxide(5%) if you have any scar or burn. Apply this mask for 30 minutes, until it completely dries out then wash it off with Luke Warm Water.

3rd Step Moisturize Your Skin

After you clean off the mask apply your favorite toner or facial oil or moisturizer of your choice.

These steps will clean your skin and make it glow. However, these steps wont change the entire color of your skin, but rather lighten up any dark patches and uneven skin. Rice flour has been a beauty secret of the Geisha’s for many years and it has also been used in many Japanese skincare brands (Tatcha and some other brands). It is high in powerful antioxidants that boost skins collagen production, as well as act as a sunscreen. To achieve quicker results you can do this every other day (but you could also do this once a week or twice a week depending on your skin).

and !

Declaimer :

As brown skinned women, we have been told for years that the more fair you are, the more beautiful you are. But that is just not the case coz’ all skin colors are absolutely beautiful! So, please note that by me writing this post I’m not anyway saying that you need to lighten your skin. I’m posting this for only those of you who are suffering from acne scars, dark spots, burn marks, and uneven tan, to lighten the affected areas to your original skin tone (That’s what all these ingredients will do, specially rice flour).