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Manisha Jhalaan

There is a very famous line “We are what we eat” but I would like to add on one more line to it and it has to be about books “We are what we eat and read”. For me reading is like to be in a great company with the world’s best minds. Reading is a very sacred and intimate relationship for me; it is like being with your best friend in the intimacy of your home. Over the past few years,  I have come across some of the wonderful writers and their work has changed me and my perspective towards life completely. 

There are multiple benefits of reading on regular basis such as; it improves brain connectivity, increases vocabulary and comprehension, empowers you to empathize with others, reduces stress, aids in sleep, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, prevents cognitive decline (as you age) etc. to name a few. So, get your hands on some good books and start reading regularly!

Here is the list of top 10 books that I recommend reading in 2021:

1. A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf 

This is known as one of the finest and best feminist literature which is basically a compilation of essays that Virginia Woolf wrote for her speeches when she was doing her research on Women in fiction.  This is a must read for all the young women and men out there (Especially women).

2. Cheedon Par Chandani By Nirmal Verma (Hindi)

This is basically a travelogue that writer has written about his experiences in the Europe. Before reading the book I would highly recommend you to read about the Auther Normal Verma to fully understand his perspective and his work. His language is very simple and it touches your heart. 

3. Becoming  By Michelle Obama

One of the boldest Memoirs I have read so far. In this book the former first lady of the united states of America has shared her highs and lows so beautifully. It is so inspiring to read her journey. 

4. Walden by Henry Devid Thoreau

Walden is a classic of literature. The writer stayed in the forest for two years and documented his life. He built a small cottage from nothing and shared every details about his journey. He inspired many people to understand the importance of conscious living and minimalism on a deeper level. 

5. Consolations of the Forests By Sylvain Tesson

This book is about living the life of hermet for six months in the -30 ° temprature in Russia near Baikal lake in a 10 ×10 Cabin. The writer documented each day in the book, this is the best book I have read about solitude in the recent times. He mentions about his visitors, his day today routine and the two dogs in last few months who stayed with him. His final goodbye to the place is so painful to read, by the time you read the end of the book you are already on a journey with the writer and that is the beauty of his writing. There are so many book recommendations in the books. He returns back to his normal life but with so many learnings and gems that he never thought he would get to know when he started this journey. Sylvian is a trained travel journalist and he has done such adventures before as well but this one of the best and most famous. 

6. Joothan (part one and two) by Om Prakash Valmiki 

This is known as one of the finest Dalit literature. It is an autobiography. To understand about the caste system and opression you need to read it because the one who faced it can tell us better. It is hard to imagine what he must have gone through. This book will make you cry and question so many things around you. That’s what art should do, it should suffocate us and make us question the things that are wrong. 

7. Waiting for a Visa By Dr. B R Ambedkar 

Again in the continuation of Dalit literature, waiting for a visa is a must read. It is in a way an Autobiography of Dr. B R Ambedkar. Today, we celebrate him for his courage but to know him better we need to read about his life and struggles. This one is a must read because he has shared so many stories of him being discriminated on the basis of caste since his childhood. 

8. Azadi Mera Brand By Anuradha Beniwal 

This is a morden day travelogue written so beautifully in Hindi and recently got translated into Punjabi as well. Anuradha documented her travel in 13 different countries in Europe alone. She shared the stories of her traveling alone staying with strangers and her thoughts during her travels. She herself comes from Haryana and now lives in the UK. She constantly compare the disparity between India and European countries. She also wrote an open letter to Indian girls in the end of her journey that Indian girls should get out and travel and explore. I also believe that we as women, should take the charge of our lives in our hands so that it will be easier for our daughters to live their lives with more freedom. 

9. The Diary of a Young Girl By Anne Frank 

This is one of the most famous book across the world not everyone would have read it but we all know and have heard about Anne Frank’s diary a lot. This book was published by her father and she documented 2 years of her life when she was hiding with her family during Nazi occupation in Netherland. It is hard to imagine that at that age a girl could write so thoughtfully about what was going on in the country and how she felt about it. She wrote everything in her diary that her parents gifted her as a birthday present. After reading this book you will wonder if a 13 years old can think and write this then we can also do wonders. Give it a read. 

10. Rasidi Ticket  by Amrita Pritam 

We celebrate Amrita Pritam for writing so boldly but in this book you will get to read more about her vulnerabilities, struggles and what made her so strong and Fierce. To know Amrita Pritam you should definitely give it a read. 

Reading books is an unique experience, it’s like having conversations with the wisest people as I said earlier. I don’t want to waste my time not knowing the wonderful writers we had or still have. Take out some time and see which writer you would like to know first. 
So, these are the books I found really interesting as well as thought provoking and I hope you will too! 

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