My Favorite Restaurants in Bangkok by Keerat Sethi

Hi Everyone!

I’m Keerat Sethi known for my food blogging account Master Eater on Instagram

I was known as “the girl whose phone ate the food before her” and I didn’t mind being called that. I always enjoyed the process of food photography and capturing the beauty of food everywhere I go. 

Cooking is more than just a hobby to me. My friends and I used to meet up just to cook and spend time. We would also invite a lot of people over and just cook for them. When my friends got sick I would make kichadi for them as a gesture to express my love and care. 

I started Master Eater sharing recipes and my experience! I’m still doing that but I’m also expanding and reviewing food because I enjoy the process of eating, shooting, editing, and food photography as a whole.


From this, you’ve probably guessed that I LOVE food right? Definitely. I love everything about it from the looks to the smell and taste. Nothing beats home food for me especially the sataw by my mom, pumpkin halwa by my Dadi (paternal grandmother), missi roti by my Nani (maternal grandmother), and pork ribs by my dad but at the same time, I love exploring. 


I grew up in a multicultural environment and didn’t specifically grow up with just one cuisine. If I had Thai food for lunch then my dinner would usually be Indian or Italian! We went for family dinners every weekend and we would just try different cuisines. Food was not just about eating anymore it was about connecting. We would talk about the ingredients used, culture from where the food originated or we would just sit, eat and smile! It brought happiness to our family. 


You might expect me to have a unique taste in food but my favorite restaurant is a place that not only tastes food, instead it’s a place that is comfortable enough for me to visit once a while, full of memories, and never get bored of it. 


I’m not a picky eater but I’m also not the type of person that likes to revisit restaurants unless it captured all aspects of what I mentioned! 


Sizzler Restaurant For Seafood, Steaks and Salad Bar Buffet


sizzlerMy all-time comfort favorite restaurant might come as a surprise for many people – it’s “sizzler”It has everything from steaks to seafood and a salad bar buffet. Fish is served in over 10 different ways, chicken, pork, and steak in over 30 ways and everything you order comes with a side of either mash potatoes, fries, or rice + free salad bar buffet that you can return to as many times as you like. My favorite order is the classic fish and chips along with the combination of mushroom soup, cheesy butter bread and spaghetti



Basically, this is the restaurant I turn to when I don’t know what to eat and where to go.  

Wine I love You Restaurant for Italian Food

When it comes to wanting to dress nice, go to a classy restaurant, and have good Italian food – 

“wine I love you” is the place for me. The value of money is great, the food quality is amazing and the taste of the food is excellent. I highly recommend the pizzas and deserts – chocolate lava cake is my go-to! 



Din Tai Fung Restaurant for Chinese Food


I have a favorite spot for all the cuisines I like and for Chinese food, it’s Din Tai Fung”! I don’t only have it in Thailand but this is a restaurant I visit when I travel to other countries as well. If you haven’t tried xiao long bao you’re definitely missing out on one of the best dishes out there. I love the shrimp-fried rice there as well. If you’re a vegetarian don’t worry, I got you covered. Try the noodles in peanut sauce, veggie gyoza, and veggie baos


Sushi Hiro Restaurant for Japanese Food

“Sushi Hiro” is my other favorite restaurant for Japanese food. I’ve been doing to this place since I was a kid and I love it from day 1 till now! The sushi and sashimi served there is premium quality and every bite is finger-licking good. The foie gras will just melt in your mouth and you wouldn’t be able to stop having the salmon and tuna sashimi. I also highly recommend the cold soba and avocado salad. The food is so worth it and you have to try this place at least once! 


My Favourite Thai Food Restaurants in Bangkok

Living in Thailand, street food definitely tastes the best when it comes to Thai food but I have 2 go-to Thai restaurants that I always recommend my friends who are visiting Thailand to try. It’s “Ton khruang” and “kab khao kab pla”. In Ton khruang I would order the yum thua plu, tom yam, thod mun, and kraphao. Whereas in Kab khao kab pla I would usually order somtam and phad Thai. The food is clean, taste authentic, and delicious. It’s suitable for vegetarians as well. 


My Favourite Indian Food Restaurant in Bangkok

Being a Thai-Indian how can I miss out on Indian food right? I haven’t explored a lot of Indian differences because I love my homemade Indian food the most and I don’t think anything could beat that but from what I’ve tried, I like the food at “charcoal”.

















If you’re interested to know more about what I eat, the new restaurants that I try, detailed reviews of the dishes in those restaurants, and try out delicious recipes then make sure to check out my Instagram and TikTok. I am also open for reviews, and collaborations with small businesses as well as well-known restaurants so feel free to message me for more information. 



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