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I’m back with yet another blogpost and this week I’m gonna introduce you to Ksemya; a Bangkok based brand that offers customized home decor items, accessories and gift hampers etc.

Ksemya is derived from Sanskrit language which means peace and calm. This brand is owned by Jaya, an Indian expat who’s been living in Thailand for more than 10 years now.

She started this venture almost 5 years back. Being extremely passionate about home decor, she started  with cushion covers and slowly shifted to various other art mediums. According to her; her journey was more to do with self expression than the need to get commercial. She didn’t intend to sell her art initially but her friends and family appreciated and insisted her to start selling her art. That’s how she got a little more commercial. She told me that it wasn’t a bed of roses for her to follow her passion but the pleasure of  experiencing creativity made it easier for her to continue. All the negativity of her life took a back seat when she started creating art. She gives the credit of her creative journey to her family members & friends as without their love and support she wouldn’t be able to do it!

Mandala Multipurpose Tray

mandala tray

Recently, I got my hand on one of Ksemya’s Mandala Multipurpose Tray which I absolutely love and adore!

This wooden tray is quite huge and it has gorgeous mandala work on it. It can be used in multiple ways such as; as a magazine tray holder, book reading lap tray, charcuterie board, Pooja tray and as a perfume tray/displayer. To be honest, no matter which way you choose to use this tray it will definitely become a good conversation starter for sure!

I love Jaya’s work as each of her creation is unique. She is much more into bright and bold colors and patterns. Her products are quite colorful and versatile like this tray. I’m minimalistic but sometimes I love artwork that’s bold and full of colors and that’s why I love this gorgeous tray of mine!

Ksemya offers an array of designs right from traditional to modern to contemporary  for wall decor, home accessories or  on utility items.  You have an option of buying from  readymade handcrafted products or getting  customized  items suiting your decor. 

Not just that if you are  looking for a  gift to make your friend’s & family members feel  special ksemya is the place you should look out for.  

I recently received this beautiful multipurpose  tray from ksemya_ art . Please checkout her entire range of  products @ksemya_art on Instagram and if you have any queries email on ksemyainfo@gmail.com

Stay tuned with @ksemya_art to keep yourself updated with her upcoming line of  products!

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