How to Live a Peaceful Life & How to Cope Up with Stress ?

How to Live a Peaceful Life
Happiness or Sadness is just a state of mind, which means that you can change your sad or negative state by practicing some healthy habits. These Habits will help you to live a peaceful life and eventually you will have less stress (or I would say you kinda become immune to stress by following these habits). What else we want, right? So, without further ado lets get started…

Quintessential Habits to Live a Peaceful Life

So, here is my list of some quintessential habits that you need to practice on regular bases to make your life more beautiful and stress free: ( PS: these are the tips or habits that I follow myself religiously) 

  1.  First of all start loving and trusting yourself; have trust in your abilities.
  2. Get rid of extra and negative thoughts ( practice it daily).
  3. Try to avoid negative people or the one who cause negative effect on your life rather spend your time with positive people.
  4. Start organizing your house, your office or any other places you live in. Get rid of extra stuff you have; donate it or sell it or give it to someone who needs it or you can just give it to any of your family members. Trust me, it will make your life easier and more peaceful. I do this every once in while and it just makes my life more peaceful and organized.
  5. Display your favorite collection of movies, books or any other stuff which makes you happy and energized.
  6. Start wearing only those clothes and colors which makes you happy. You know, whenever I wear my favorite colored clothes I feel more confident & happy. So, try that too.
  7. Don’t consume extra stuff whether it’s food or thought or anything else.
  8. Try to spend quality time with your family and friends. I personally feel less stressed after I meet my friends and family.
  9. Start doing things you have always wanted to do. Whether you wanna paint, cook, travel, read  or watch; whatever makes you happy just do it.
  10. Start pampering yourself with spa, massage or aromatherapy, candle light dinner or buy the stuff you have always wished for. These things can instantly brighten up your mood.
  11. Pamper your loved ones. Yup, you read it absolutely right! You know, when you do something for your loved ones it will give you immense pleasure. Seeing my loved ones happy makes me happier and I am sure it works for everyone.
  12. Sleep properly (for about good 6 hours).
  13. Start forgiving  yourself as well as others. Don’t judge anyone too soon.
  14. Do either Yoga or Meditation or Physical Exercises on regular basis. Daily exercises will burn off the stress chemicals.
  15. Follow the positive people and thoughts. I do that and trust me it helps.
  16. Start eating healthy food and avoid unhealthy food.
  17. Don’t buy the stuff you don’t need rather start saving that money for the things you really need.
  18. Always keep an eye on things you consume unconsciously; whether it’s food, thoughts, music, reading, TV or anything else. Just try to consume qualitative things.
  19. Make the list of things or dreams and place them in order.  Try to make all possible changes in your life which can help you to fulfill these dreams and wishes.
  20. Last but not the least, make sure you follow all the above tips and give as much time as you can to yourself (to analyse how can you be a better person). Start eliminating bad qualities if you find any and make changes in your behavior towards you and others.

 In conclusion, always push your limits & always try be better than you were yesterday! Spread the love and positivity all around ! My Social Media Links:

PS:  I am not a psychiatrist  neither I am trying to be. These are the tips which I have learned over the course of time and had helped me immensely. So, you can also try them out* coz’ they will only make your life better not worse.

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