How to Have a Healthy Relationship?

How to Have a Healthy Relationship?I know we as Human Beings, expect so many things in bulk but for better relationship you have to be patient. Yes, to know sometimes it’s quite difficult to be patient but trust me it will work. To have a healthy relationship, you gotta give some time each other to sort of understand and know each other. You might have to go beyond your comfort zone to make it work. So, before getting into any kind of relationship you have to keep things like this in mind. In my opinion, all relationships work on some simple and basic principles, (that’s what I call them) and you can choose any term you feel suits better instead.

Basic Principles for a Healthy Relationship

These following principles will encourage you to evaluate your expectations and will help you in making your relationships better each passing day.        

  • Respect Each Other
  • Build a Friendship
  • Trust Each Other
  • Have Patience whenever there is tension between you.
  • Exude Love & Care as much as you can
  • Start Loving to be Loved
  • Appreciate Each Other
  • Co-operate each other as much as you can
  • Discuss/Communicate on everything that matters to both of you.
  • Lower Your Expectations 
  • Adapt wherever you can to make other person comfortable
  • Be Courteous
  • Listen more
  • Stop blaming each other
  • Admit your mistakes
  • Let go of each other’s past
  • Forgive 
  • Give each other enough space
  • Spend some quality time with each other; go on a Vacay, watch your favorite shows or movies together.
  • Try to understand each others differences and look beyond that.

To conclude, in the beginning of any relationship you have to be patient with each other to sort of understand the personality and traits of other person.  Any kind of relationship is a work in progress and you have to work on it every single day. So, always try to find out the ways to make it more healthy & beautiful to be in.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely  to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”    …………………………………..Rumi

I hope this post will help you to make your relationships better!
If you have any advice on healthy relationship please share it in the comment section below.

PS: These are the tips which I have learned over the course of time and had helped me immensely. So, you can also try them out* coz’ they will only make your relationship better not worse.

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