How to Handle a Negative Situation Or Phase?

How to Handle a Negative Situation

There are times when I think about some incidents and experiences from my past, and I realized that how blessed I was. Because all that has ever happened to me whether good or bad in my life and the phases I have gone through. I have handled all it very well. It must have been the Yoga & Mediation practice which I have been doing since my childhood. I see people, who feel hurtful and depressed for one or the other things going in their life. The one thing which I think has personally helped me, was the fact of knowing what really matters and what really helps in any kind of situation. The situation never is complicated no matter how big and small it is, but the way we look at it has power to complicate it.

How to Handle Difficult Situations in Life?

I am not a professional psychiatrist or psychologist but I surely know what should be taken care of and what one must neglect. I made this post for those who feel low in negative situations/failure/rejection or when they have to face some reality(which they won’t imagine or doesn’t want to accept).

Always Remember; Happiness and Peace, is what we all need!


Our life is all about happiness and if you are happy then you can do and achieve anything you want.When you are happy you are at peace. Being happy I don’t mean only a smiling face, I mean  a body with happy heart and soul. When you are happy you are at peace. It takes lots of efforts for a person who is bit more emotional than others but it’s not impossible. As they say the only person who can make you happy is only you, and it’s quite true too. Doesn’t matter how many jokes I will crack if you are not in a mood to hear or to enjoy, those jokes are worthless. All I mean is that you have all the control of your emotions and it depends solemnly on you to chose out of them(negative or positive). Doesn’t matter how much bad time it is; Doesn’t matter how bad situations you are in; Doesn’t matter how bad you are feeling; Doesn’t matter who had hurt you; Doesn’t matter what your problem is; the only thing matter is that it will be over and there will be a new day.

 And most important thing is to just take care of your emotions. Just think about it; Whether crying over it, will change the situations or will it make it better if not then stop crying and do something which you love to. Just figure out a method to vent your feeling. If you like writing write about it or do whatever you want to do. Don’t ever dwell yourself into depression when you can do better than that.

Happiness Depends on What You Think so Create Positive Thoughts 

The worst part is that dwelling on something either in the past or the present can not change anything. But, by doing something you can change anything, so start a resolution from today, do not cry over the past things and to start doing something special (at that stage of phase). Just, understand that being sad will not make any difference but being strong does. Trust me, you would say thanks to me if you start thinking positive and start being strong.

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think. -Buddha”

You know my personal experiences of my life; good or bad both has made the person I am, today. And I would like to add that the negative situations and  failures have taught me much more lessons  & things in life than positive situations and success did. It has made me a better, resilient  and stronger person. Happiness is nothing more than becoming the best version of yourself. If you want to be happy then start analyzing and changing some habits of your.

Just focus on what makes you happy; crying over something or to do something which you love?

Start analyzing that what will make your life easier; dwelling in negative emotions(anger) or forgiveness and moving on?

I’m sure you got it now and I believe after reading this post you would agree with me. For all of you I have made a quote for today:

“Forgiveness isn’t about condoning what has happened to you or someone else’s actions against you, but it is about your own happiness. Trust me, you can not be happy when your are holding on to any kind of negative emotions.” 

So, Forgive, Move-On and Stay Happy! 

There’s lots to do than being sad for one thing or situation. Just focus your energy to move on and let go of what’s holding you back.

I hope this post will help some of you who are going through a rough patch!

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