Hello Guys !


I am Priyaa Ritesh Jain, married for 7 years in Bangkok, and I am loving this city as much as I love Mumbai.

I am no specialist but a big foodie. My whole focus on my blog is to make sure to keep aside anything that’s packaged or has an expiry date and majorly focus on plant based foods. And this is the niche my Instagram Page @Rawveganaria is based on.

I like to keep my life as minimalist and sustainable as possible. I am learning every day to make myself more environment friendly as possible. I can’t say I’ve reached my goal yet but I am trying on my own pace. I don’t believe in diets as I am against starving myself for perfect body. I think human body has the power of healing itself and there just one way out, mother nature’s way.

I’ve been loving to eat and cook since forever. I try to give a nicer presentation to anything and everything I make. I believe before you eat something with your mouth you eat it with your eyes. For me making super boring foods like simple Lentil rice can be presented in a classic way is worth a few minutes. Photography is also something I love to do, trying different backdrops and different kind of lights. I love trying vegan, vegetarian, Satvik versions of famous recipes of different cuisines. Do check out my page on Instagram @Rawveganaria to see what I do.

Well, here are 5 of my Favourite SALADS RECIPES for you!


A good Salad definitely can change one’s perception about healthy food. All you need is a good amount of dedication and loads of rich nutrients. As I always say, i like my food to be least tempered or changed from its natural form. Salads are something i can experiment so much with. Check out this guide of my favourite Salads of all time

Avocado Sprouts Salad

avocado salad

This one is an amazing salad you can serve or eat at any time of the day. Super quick and easy to make yet so delicious you will want for it every other day. Its basic combination of crunchy vegetables with sprouts of your choice and Avocado with a tahini ranch dressing with a spoon full of lime juice and salt pepper sprinkled over. I also sometimes add some roasted seeds on this one to have some extra crunching.

Fresh Mango Magic:

This one is for a true mango lover. Fresh ripe mangoes of the season (I prefer to eat only seasonal fruits except berries). Very gentle and soft mango with a twist.

Its basically a combination of Mangoes with hot chili oil and loads of love. There’s also some green onions, fresh coriander and mint, little jaggery and peanuts and a lime squeeze of course.

Chili Chickpeas Salad

This one is for days when you are craving hot food. Its spicy but tangy. It’s a nice combination of veggies and Chickpeas. There’s boiled and roasted Chickpeas with paprika or red chili powder, salt and a small chunk of jaggery with a small spoon of olive oil to the pan for roasting. Combined with Capsicum, beet roots, and fresh basil. The dressing is just lime juice and a pinch of salt.

Pineapple Paradise

This one is my ovulation days salad. Just kidding but yes I love pineapples so much, as these are not recommended to be consumed all the time for women so, I ve kept some days in a month wide open for these

It’s a super crunchy and full of fibre salad. There capsicum, carrots, Onions, cucumber. And the dressing is Maple syrup, salt and pepper, like squeeze is a must.

Orange Garden Salad

Sweetness of orange and mango and strong flavours of mint and basil makes this one a total hit. Cherry tomatoes, Chinese cucumbers, apple, orange , mangoes, carrots, thyme. And the dressing is as basic as salt pepper and lime juice.

My idea of salads is to have them least tempered. You can totally survive on these salads while not sacrificing your taste buds. I would love to talk more about your opinions, lets talk on @rawveganaria on instagram ❤️