DIY Hair Fall Remedies- Tips to Prevent Hair fall

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DIY Hair Fall Remedies

Having a naturally healthy hair is something all of us aspire to achieve, but find it difficult to do in this era of stress and environmental pollution. Every one desires for long and beautiful hair; and want them to grow faster too.

Hair Growth Factors

Natural hair growth depends on a balanced diet, hair growth vitamins or on a certain prescribed treatments or shampoos, as well as on new modern techniques for hair growth. Every individual has its own tendency for hair growth.  The average rate of our hair growth is ½ inch a month if, we took good care of them. There are countless options we can follow, to speed our hair healthy growth. There is no such thing as magical potions to make it grow suddenly though.

Cause of Slow Growth and Hair Fall

There are many things, which can affect the natural hair growth of an individual like genetic factors, under or overactive thyroid, illness, aging, stress, or hair abuse such as straightening, colouring, relaxing, blow-drying, curlers, curling irons, rough handling/neglect and using harsh, synthetic shampoos and conditioners.

20 Tips to Prevent Hair Fall

It is not so easy to have long, flowing, luscious and healthy locks. We get sick and tired of waiting for long and healthy hair to grow and end up by using harsh chemicals on our hair. Without the proper care, hair can become brittle and can break easily. Hair loss can occur at any age.  However, everyone wants to have a beautiful healthy hair. Therefore, here I’m going to explore how to make your hair grow faster and going to share some tips to prevent hair fall.  Below I have shared some of tips for healthy hair, you can follow these tips to maximize all your hair’s potential and consequently make it grow slightly faster than usual.

  1. Keep it trimmed
  2. Practice good hair habits
  3. Avoid stressful situations
  4. Follow proper hair hygiene
  5. You can opt hot oil treatment
  6. Don’t wash your hair every day
  7. Comb your hair before shampoo
  8. You can opt hair growth vitamins(Ask Doctor)
  9. You can add one vitamin E capsules to the oil and then massage the scalp
  10. Always use lukewarm oil; this enables it to enter the pores of follicles easily
  11. Either go for Pre-wash conditioner or use a deep conditioning treatment
  12. Do not use too much oil to massage oily hair, as there is enough natural oil in scalp
  13. Whole milk and yogurt are highly recommended for hair growth in Ayurvedic practice
  14. Massage the scalp  with fingertips only  and do not massage vigorously as this may make the hair brittle
  15. Use a brush with natural boar bristles. Brush or comb your hair carefully by using a better quality brushes
  16. Use moisturizing products for dull and damaged hair. Always use mild shampoos depending on your hair type
  17. Do not braid or put your hair in a ponytail when it is still wet as it is important to dry your hairs roots after washing it.
  18. Avoid chemical treatments such as bleaching, perms, coloring or highlighting  and minimize heat styling with things such as hot combs, hair dryers and curling irons
  19. Massage is highly beneficial for dry hair as it increases blood circulation and helps in producing natural oil. Oil massage tips; It is recommended to use oils such as coconut oil medicated with Ayurvedic herbs (Like; Brahmi Neem, Bringaraja, Haritaki, Neela, Amalaki and Vibhitaki etc.)
  20. Maintain a healthy diet- Eat Nutritious food like:
  • Indian gooseberry can be consumed as a fresh fruit or can be taken in a powdered supplement to promote hair growth
  • Eating fresh coconut and drinking coconut milk help to protect hair against breakage, and encourage long, strong hair growth
  • Eating a mix of wholesome, natural foods promotes the growth and strength of hair.
  • Dark leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains provide a range of nutrients that lead to a healthy scalp and hair follicles

*Apart from the above, leading a stress free life also promotes hair growth and an overall healthy lifestyle *Note: Rethink your current hair care routine, learn from above tips, and know about what works or what doesn’t work for your hair type, length, and lifestyle. It is important to understand the natural and healthy hair growth and for that you should sleep well, eat well and exercise daily. As stated earlier also, it depends on individual to individual how the growth rate of hair goes. However, it is believed that on an average, hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month. Hereditary factors also play an important role in deciding the growth rate of a hair. Healthy body can help the healthy hair to grow faster. Now if you ever have dream of having a healthy long flaunt gorgeous hair, take these necessary tips to improve your hair growth. Keep this precious information in your mind, improve your lifestyle and take nutritious diet.

 I am sure that this post will help you to improve your hair-health and one day you will say Wow! What a pretty hair I have 🙂 .

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