The Royal Agricultural Station

The Royal Agricultural Station-Royal Project Doi Inthanon

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Inthanon Royal ProjectSo, the next stop of our Doi Inthanon Trip was The Royal Project Doi Inthanon. We were so exited to have a look at a very special agricultural project and Eco-tourism hotspot of Doi Inthanon. It's located at Ban Luang, Chom Thong district. It's a wonderful place to relax your mind and body. I felt so happy as soon as I entered the station. It has very Beautiful Ponds, Picture Perfect Gardens, Ferns Greenhouse, Carnivorous Plants Greenhouse,Hydroponics Vegetables Greenhouse, Flower and Ornamental Plants Greenhouse. One of the pond has a beautiful wooden Ferris wheel which I personally loved so much and wanted to take pictures with it. But I suck at selfies and Atul was far away from me clicking pictures of stunning Gardens. At that moment I had already taken enough pictures of the pond and Ferris wheel itself so I wasn't complaining. But later while we were rushing back to the tour bus we couldn't resist and took few pictures there 😊 .

Wooden Ferris Wheel at Royal Project

History behind The Royal Project

The first Royal Project was founded by the King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1969 to solve the problems of deforestation, poverty and opium production by promoting alternative crops. The King Bhumibol Adulyadej wanted to improve the lives and livelihoods of the poor and needy people . The project began back in 1979 to encourage the hill tribes to cultivate cash crops instead of growing opium, providing them with training in modern agricultural techniques as well as with all the necessary tools and equipment. The Royal Agricultural Station also serves as a center to disseminate knowledge and new innovation derived from the research of the sustainable highland farming to other regions.
Flowers at Royal Project Doi Inthanon

Flowers at Royal Project Doi Inthanon

Flowers at Royal Project Doi Inthanon

Flowers at Royal Project Doi Inthanon

Flowers at Royal Project Doi Inthanon

Flowers at Royal Project Doi Inthanon

Today, the agricultural station is home to temperate-climate plants, beautiful flower gardens, a highland trout fishery, plant breeding and multiplication labs, rice terraces, coffee plantations and even a strawberry orchard. 

The Royal Agricultural StationI wish we could spend more time there as it was our last spot of the day and we had little time to roam around. The gardens and surrounding of this station are so stunning that we lost the track of time, hence were the last ones to arrive back to our tour bus. This place is worth a visit and I would suggest you to book a hotel there and spend at least two days there. It's the best place to calm your body & soul, plus you get to learn lots of stuff about gardening and farming which I suppose is a bonus.

So, have ever visited any of Thailand’s Royal Projects?

I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences in the comment section below!.

For more information about The Royal Project click HERE 

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