How to make Vermicelli Noodles- Stir Fry Veg Vermicelli Recipe

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How to make Vermicelli Noodles

Today, I am gonna share one of the quickest meal recipe with you all. It's quite easy to make and is yummy in taste. So, let's get in to recipe itself:

How to make Vermicelli Noodles:

Ingredients Needed: * Olive Oil 1 tbsp * Onion Chopped * Ginger finely chopped 1 tsp * Garlic finely chopped 1 tsp * Green Chillies finely chopped 1 tsp * Rice Vermicelli Noodles * Hydrated Soya Chunks * Feta Cheese (Optional) * Red Bell Pepper * Green Bell Pepper * Yellow Bell Pepper * Green Bean * Tomato * Salt to Taste * Light Soya Sauce

Stir Fry Veg Vermicelli Recipe:

  • Put vermicelli noodles in hot water or boil them for few minutes.
  • Re-hydrate Soya Chunks by dipping them in water for few minutes.
  • Heat olive oil in a pan and add finally chopped green chilies, ginger and garlic.
  • Stir everything for for a while.
  • Now add your Veggies and again stir them for about 4-5 minutes
  • Now add re-hydrated vermicelli noodles and stir them well. 
  • Now you can add Feta Cheese and then add Tomatoes and give it a stir 
  • Now add re-hydrated Soya Chunks
  • Now add salt to taste 
  • Then add 1 tsp of light Soya Sauce and stir it for a while.
  • And Voila!! Yummy stir fry veg vermicelli is ready !!

You can also watch My Stir Frey Veg Vermicelli Recipe on YouTube !

Try this recipe and do let me know how it turned out for you!
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