20 Travel Essentials for Women to Carry in Her Hand Bag

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20 Travel Essentials for Women

This post is all about things that a woman or a girl must carry or keep in her purse while travelling.

PS. I love travelling 🙂 !

Who doesn’t right?

Whenever, we have to go anywhere on holidays or I have to go to see my family/friends/relatives in other cities or country, I start packing 2-3 days before. I don’t know how many of you guys have this habit (I think it’s pretty good habit at least you will end up packing all the important stuff you will need). But beside that whole luggage packing , we often tend to forget a lot of important stuff that we must carry in our handbags. In this post I have listed all the important stuff that a woman needs in her handbag while travelling or even otherwise too.

Packing Tips

I always make sure that nothing is left out of my travel essential items along with my other luggage. Most of the time I have one luggage bag and two other bags (one handbag and one laptop bag). I also carry one empty bag just in case the luggage is over weight and I have to move stuff from luggage bag. *Its pretty handy tip because no body wants to fight for few extra KG’s with the airline staff at that moment. Though, few of the airlines allow few extra Kg’s for free but most of them will charge you. First thing I keep in mind is the weather condition or the season(so that I can carry weather required items). After then I make my travel essential packing list. My overseas travel packing essentials and domestic (within country) travel packing essentials are not much different at all. So, whether you are travelling abroad or within country, my list of travel essentials for women will help you for sure. 🙂 These are the basic items which you need to carry in your travel handbag.

My Travel Checklist of Travel Essentials for Women

I have listed some of the most  travel essential items that a woman must carry in her handbag or in carry on bag . Here is my travel checklist of travel handbag essentials:

  1. Id Card and Wallet (with cash or credit/debit cards)  : I am sure you all do that right? Well, these are the first things which you should check before you leave for your vacation or trip. So, keep the required travel id and money in your bag.
  2. Tissues and Hand Sanitizer:  If you are frequent traveler then I am sure you would know why I listed these in Travel Essential List. Sometimes while travelling its hard to get tissue paper in public toilets or if you need to clean your face just in case you sweat or its raining.
  3. Sunglasses: Who will forget goggles or sunglasses, when it comes to holidays or any trip you are on. These days you can find various kind of Sunglasses online and in street shops as well.
  4. Comb or Brush: I guess for girls its very important to carry a brush because if you travelling too far you will need to set your hairs now and then.
  5. Mini Make Up Kit: If you are someone like me who doesn’t like wear makeup while travelling in flights/bus/train then its pretty okay to travel like that. But afterword if you have attend any special occasion or conference then you must keep a tiny-winy makeup kit with you. (containing all required makeup items)
  6. Lip balm: Keep Lip balm in your Bag to keep your lips hydrated and to avoid dryness. Toothbrush and Paste- I don’t need any explanation for these three items and I guess we all know that how important these are.
  7. Floss: If something got stuck into your teeth and you don’t get toothpicks then floss would just come up as savior for you :).
  8. Tiny perfume or roller: This is optional for you if you are perfume lover like I am then you must keep a tiny bottle or roller of your favorite perfume with you.
  9. Mouth-freshener: Its one of the most important thing which I keep in my bag whether I am travelling withing the city or far. * Just to avoid bad breath while travelling.
  10. Scarf and Socks:  For specially those who can’t bear the cold or ac in Flights or Buses.
  11. Pen:  I guess we all know why we should carry a pen while traveling so just carry the one.
  12. Tiny Note Book: For people like me who love to write or sketch.
  13. Your Favorite Book:  If love to read then keep one of your favorite book inside your bag so that you can enjoy reading it during your travel.
  14. Playing Cards: Actually I didn’t know how to play cards before but my husband taught me 2-3 times while we were on flights. So for those who loves to play cards don’t forget to keep it in your bag.
  15. Sanitary Pads: How can we forget what makes us a women 🙂 right?  So, if your period date is near or you are having irregular cycle it’s very essential to carry these pads. I would suggest otherwise too because you never know about accidental periods. So, just carry some sanitary pads with you.
  16. Earplugs: Sometimes you will feel like to watch or listen to favorite music. So, keep your earplugs in your bags.
  17. Power Bank: I always forget to charge phone or camera. In that case my husband make sure that I am carrying a power bank in my bag.
  18. Few Tablets for emergency: I guess I don’t need to explain that and we all should keep few emergency tabs/prescriptions.
  19. Snacks: Aw this is for all foodies like me 😉 (I am sure u would prefer to have snacks instead eating somebody’s brain or head)
  20. Umbrella, Travel Map, Zip lock Bags, Camera , Phone,Travel Pillow and your Hotel Booking etc.  (Make sure you carry these according to your requirements.)

Some of you will say Oh my checklist is too long but trust me you will need all of them while travelling. I always keep these things in my travel handbag and I hope this post will help you to make your Travel Checklist!

Are you planing any trip soon?

Has this post helped you to make some essential amendments in your travel checklist?

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