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Hi Everyone!
This is VANDNA, the Author and Editor of this blog. Frankly, I’m not very good at writing about myself but will give it a try . Well, I am originally from India and moved to Thailand in early 2013. I love to Shop, Travel, Cook, Read, Write, Web design and the list goes on... I have done Pharmacy in Ayurveda, Graduation in Arts (English), PG Diploma in Computer Science, and Master in English Literature. Being a former Ayurveda student, I'm bit obsessed with Mindful Living & DIY Lifestyle. I love reading & writing. Creativity runs in my blood and being a creative person I just wanted to channel my thoughts, experiences and knowledge, hence I started blogging.

What to expect from this Website?

I am passionate about Mindful Living, Gentle Parenting, Holistic Lifestyle, and Healthy Eating. So, you will get to read a lot about these topic here on my blog.  I also review the products and services that I have used in the past. I review products/services only after testing them out for a decent amount of time. I always try to give my honest + frank opinion along with the clear images of the respective products. I also share the information about blogging tips and tricks, but majority of my content is about Mindful Living, Gentle Parenting, Holistic Lifestyle, Vegeterian Food,  and Product Reviews etc.
In short, you will find all kinds of fun and exciting posts about most valued topics and products. I also offer candid discussions on various topics of readers choice (as we’ve got so much to share right?). So, feel free to share your views as well as suggestions.

Freelance Work?

Aside from blogging on my site, I am also open to work as a Freelance Content Creator and Manifestation & Happiness Coach.
So, if you’re looking for a freelance writer or Manifestation & Happiness Coach then, Contact me through ✉ Contact Page or just  πŸ“§ eMail me at vandnatilkaan@gmail.com


I’m PR friendly :) and believes in promoting good stuff and the services I like with my readers. So, feel free to contact me for sponsorship or collaboration or any sort of partnership for that matter.
You can contact me through ✉Contact Page or πŸ“§ eMail me at vandnatilkaan@gmail.com or alternatively via Social Media.

What You can Offers ?

This is not just my personal website but also a platform to share love, knowledge & happiness. It's a place where you can inspire others and get inspired.
Your opinions and ideas πŸ’‘ will be valued and respected. As I say "no idea πŸ’‘is too insane" and all ideas will be considered.
So, feel free to share your review requests and suggestions for the upcoming blog posts.
Thank You for stopping by!
Have a Look around & Visit Again!
Lots of Love πŸ’ & Happiness 😊!

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